Dubai - the impossible only takes a little longer

Our featured client wished for guarenteed sunny weather conditions, minimal time difference and something out of the ordinary. After a close dialogue with "Privileged" they decided for a fairytale trip to the Emirates with a pre holiday pitstop to dine with close friends in London....The impossible only takes a little longer.

Contrary to our belief, the United Arab Emirates is a very liberal and open country. With a limited timeframe of one week Privileged managed to arrange everything to perfection. The flight connection via London secured time for dining at the amazing (and very affordable) Jamie Oliver restaurent in Covent Garden downtown London. After a smooth arrival to Dubai International, we picked up our Landcruiser and went straight to the desert only a 1 hour drive outside Dubai and checked in at the wonderful Al Wadi desert resort - simply stunning! A couple of desert rides later we finished with an unforgettable stay at the Palads Hotel in Dubai, worthy of true Arab Prince. Privileged even organized a visit to the "Gold-souk" where they know a trusted jewelry store. We later had our purchase rated in Denmark - trust me don´t miss out on this! In general I was impressed by the massive contrasts in their architecture, somehow they manage to link old Arab with funky urban big city style. We were all overwhelmed with the level of services & value for money received, I can only recommend the Pivileged team - simply the best! - Gertrud Vence

Imagine the vision of building the worlds most admired structures surrounded by water in the middle of the desert. Dubai is in many ways the perfect place for a holiday; laze at the beach in the morning, visit the highest building in the world "Burj Kalifa" for lunch and finish off your perfect day with some serious shopping in one of Dubai´s many stunning shopping malls. Should you wish to get out of the sun for a while you could enjoy the indoor ski slopes or the ice rink for speed skating. Also consider to entertain your family with a visit to the Royal stables or a visit to one of the two "Palms" an unbelievable artificially created piece of land shaped like a oversized palmtree. Dubai has it all - dream away.