The mysterious Middle East

This family experienced a sophisticated service package providing them with the pure, pristine & untouched Jordan. The dazzling midnight sun viewed from their luxury desert camp, followed by a "underground" special prepared beduin dinner. They went to "see to believe" the unbelievable city of Petra, majestically viewed from the back of their horses. The adventure is finished with a dip in the Dead Sea all in top luxury surroundings.

I had hoped for an unforgettable experince to Jordan, but I have to say that the creativity and dedication from Privileged took us above and beyond. The mixture of rough 4x4 wheeler riding the desert dunes, authentic tents (ok luxurious) and the relaxation at the majestic Marriott Dead Sea resort was something we never would have found ourselves or through any travel agency. I can only recommend others to try this adventure for themselves! - Theresia Petersen

Discover the wonders of the Middle East when you travel to Jordan. Take advantage of our privileged insider experiences, stunning desert scenery, unique cultural interactions, and many more extraordinary moments when Privileged takes you to Jordan.

The "Lost city of Petra" will take you back 2000 years in an incredible red sandstone city built by the normadic beduins. Discoveries await you at every turn and we ensure your time there will be authentic, innovative and just unforgettable.