About Us

We believe people can be privileged in many different ways, but to us it means that you are privileged because you can require unusual creative solutions to meet your high demand requests for your travel needs.

This will take you to places that other people only dream of.

We understand the importance of time which is why we want you to tell us your values and needs, and we will create your perfect frame.

Privileged is tailor made & exclusive; our clients receive advice and information that is only available to a few people.

We respect your need for individual exclusivity; we are passionate to serve you on an individual level which is second to none in the industry.

Our Creative Director: "As the Creative party of the company I take advantage of 15 years in the travel and event industry. This provides me with a unique insight to the best quality hotels around the world, where to enjoy an excellent dinner, and all logistics in regards to making your stay in a new place memorable. My global network grants me access to every corner of the world. Only the sky is the limit.