Maldives is nothing more than white beaches, deep blue seas, turquoise reefs and palm trees. No matter at what time of the year you travel the temperature stays at 30 degrees Celcius avarage and the sun is a constant on most days.

Sri Lanka

Explore striking landscapes, stunning seascapes and culture that´s been left untouched. This small island lies at the foot of India offering an unparrel concentration of history, food culture & nature. Culture vultures flock to the ancient forts, temples and food spots. Nature lovers will explore the inland lakes and reserves - home to the cheetah and the elepfant among many others.

Thurnher´s Alpenhof - Austrian authentity

Thurnher´s Alpenhof, a pearl of hospitality hidden in the Austrian Alps, combines cosmopolitan chic with cosy charm. The warmth of the owning family is reflected in the personal care extended to each guest.